Remote Refrigerated Beer Systems

Glycol Beer Systems

Perfection Equipment, Inc. has developed a unique line of beer chillers specifically designed to help you achieve your two most important goals: increased profits and reduced costs. Perfection Glycol Beer Chillers utilize a patented state-of-the-art technology to offer you a remote beer system with unparalleled performance, reliability and economy.

A revolutionary, highly efficient design gives Perfection Glycol Beer Chillers the capability to deliver cold beer to greater distances from the beer cooler than ever achieved before. Whether it’s a neighborhood bar, stadium, arena or hotel, Perfection has your ideal beer system. Here are some of the innovative features of our system:

Constant Temperature

Variations in beer system temperatures can result in a number of time-consuming, costly dispensing problems. The Perfection Beer System eliminates these problems by using a constantly running compressor coupled with two mechanical controls to provide extremely accurate temperature control. Beer temperatures are maintained with virtually zero differential, unlike conventional systems with thermostatic controls that allow temperature fluctuations.

Sealed System

Condensation contamination within a beer system can result in capacity loss and costly service calls. Perfection Beer Chillers eliminate this problem by utilizing sealed glycol systems to protect them from the atmosphere. An added advantage to this feature is an extension of the glycol life in humid environments.

Low Glycol Volume

The innovative design of Perfection temperature controls greatly decreases the amount of glycol required in our beer system. With the reduction in unit size and weight, both installation and operation are greatly simplified.

Variable Horsepower

The compressors within Perfection Beer Systems are sized to meet a wide range of conditions, and are controlled by a patented application that allows each unit to vary heat extraction horsepower to exactly match the load requirement of the system. Seasonal adjustments are made automatically, saving operator time and stress.

Energy Savings

Each Perfection unit is designed to match power requirements to the actual load applied (system size) – it never uses more than the amount of power required. Because the compressor runs constantly, the excessive power requirement of starting and stopping is eliminated, making Perfection Systems more energy efficient while extending the life of the compressor.

Our experienced team can assist you with the engineering of your beer system by providing suggested conduit sizes and routing, specifications and additional technical information.


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