Perfection Recirculating, Constant-Temp Potable Water Chillers

Perfection’s RA-34 and RA-150 Water Chillers

With Perfection’s RA-34 Water Chiller, water is maintained at a constant temperature [+/- 1/8F], giving you the maximum performance from your ice machines.

Major ice machine manufacturers clearly state in their literature that colder water means more ice. Their spec sheets show that reducing incoming water supply from 90F to 50F will result in more ice.

A Perfection RA-34 Pre-Chiller delivers consistent, chilled water into your ice machine. The result? A shortened harvest cycle, resulting in more cycles per hour and more ice, sooner! You get consistently more ice because variables, such as seasonal temperature fluctuations, are minimized.

Benefits of the RA-34A/C & RA-34W/C Pre-Chiller

  • Shortens the harvest cycle
  • Eliminates seasonal fluctuations in ice production.
  • Each RA-34 Pre-Chiller can serve more than one ice machine – supports up to 3000 pounds of ice production per day with 90F incoming water to the RA-34 Pre-Chiller.
  • Perfection’s Ultrachill™ combines a precise temperature control with a recirculating feature to deliver constant temperature water [+/- 1/8F] to ice machine(s) located up to 200′ away from the RA-34, (can be engineered to greater distances).
  • Can support both vertical and horizontal installations.
  • Filtered, optimum-temperature water results in less wear and tear on the ice machine and reduces downtime and repairs.
  • Additional applications: The RA-34 Pre-Chiller can support cold water needs for carbonators and juice systems – often in tandem while supplying your ice machine.

Mechanical Specifications of the RA-34 Pre-Chiller Electrical

  • Dedicated circuit 115/60/1 35Amp or 230-208/60/1 15Amp. Also available in 220-200/50/1 20Amp or 100/50/1 30Amp for export.


  • ½” to ¾” cold water supply – consult factory.

Heat Rejection

  • 8000 BTUs per hour maximum.


  • 1000 CFM power exhaust minimum for air cooled unit.

Available Air or Water Cooled

  • Air cooled model RA-34A or water cooled, Model RA-34W. (Water usage in G.P.M. for condenser Model RA-34W. Idle 1/3 gallon. Full ¾ gallon.) 6″ legs (LGS) or wall bracket mount (WBM) available on all models. Shipping weight 180lbs/3.6 cu. ft.

RA-150 High Volume, Remote, Refrigerated, Post Mix Juice System

The RA-150 potable water chiller can solve all your cold water problems. Due to its unique UltraChill™ technology, it can improve ice machine output, eliminate labor-intensive, pre-mix juice systems, and enhance soda and production. In fact it can do several of these things simultaneously.

Refrigeration System

The unique Ultrachill refrigeration system is powered by a per rod actually 1¾ horsepower, hermetically sealed, continuously running compressor. A hot gas bypass valve coupled with an externally equalized thermostatic expansion valve actually adjusts the Unit’s horsepower to the load demands, and maintains a constant pressure in the Tri-axial evaporator. This results in the delivery of constant temperature (+/- 1/8F) by the RA-150.

Juice Systems

The RA-150 can be used to refrigerate and recirculate water through remote lines to dispense post-mix juice products. These systems utilize low cost, post-mix juice concentrates with chilled water from the RA-150 to produce chilled, quality juice drinks without the use of cold plates or other refrigeration. A complete system includes the RA-150, a bag-in-box rack, chilled water/juice concentrate line runs, and juice dispensers, and offers these advantages:

  • Reduces Food Costs
    Utilizes cost efficient bag-in-box, post mix concentrate.
  • Sanitary
    Sealed system does not require sanitation.
  • Saves Labor
    No pre-mixing or clean up labor as required with pre-mix systems. Product is automatically mixed at the post-mix dispensing valve as needed.
  • Less Waste
    Cardboard bag-in-box cartons are recyclable resulting in less refuse than for pre-mix product or for individual portions.
  • Multi Station Capability
    One system can dispense several different juice products to multiple dispensing stations.
  • Constant Temperature
    Chilled water is continuously recirculated, rechilled and maintained within +/- 1/8F of desired temperature, usually 38 to 40 degrees F.



Mechanical Requirements

  • Electrical
    Dedicated circuit 230-208/60/1-30AMP
  • Plumbing
    ¾” cold water supply
  • Heat Rejection
    16,000 BTU per hour maximum
  • Ventilation
    1500 CFM power exhaust minimum for air-cooled unit