Condiment Dispensing Has Never Been Easier or More Cost Effective


Perfection Equipment Inc. is a long-standing manufacturer of quality beverage and food service equipment.

Through an extensive development program, in connection with our customers, we have launched a comprehensive range of powered condiment dispense systems. This new equipment brings both labor and product savings to the operator, as well as addressing important sanitation issues.

Perfection Equipment has been recognized nationally and internationally as the industry leader, due to our commitment to quality, and dedication to design innovation.

Perfection has supplied and installed condiment dispensing systems in major sports stadiums, schools, corporate cafeterias, correctional facilities, and fast food chains throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.

Condiment Dispensing


Perfection Condiment Carts are the ideal solution for educational and corporate cafeterias, as well as sports facilities, where the flexibility of changing location to meet demand is an issue. They are also ideal for directing traffic away from scramble areas and the cash register. All are totally self-contained and are powered by on-board CO2.

A variety of styles are available including economy, concession, and heavy duty. All models are constructed from the highest quality stainless steel.